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Our Approach

We understand you need the right professional to provide you with the right information. We want you to make the best decision for yourself and your family. We believe you can make the best decision when you have an accurate inspection report that is easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand for the property you want to buy. We want to be part of your adventure and help you to understand what you are buying.

Our Story

In 2012 we decided to become homeowners and began the search for our new home. Our Real State agent introduces us to a Home Inspector. We had a great experience and appreciated the hard work the inspector did for us. We discover that we could provide extra knowledge that our inspector did not have when we purchase our home. It was not an issue for us because we have the knowledge that he did not have at that time. When we started Gulf Side Inspection and Concierge, we wanted to provide our clients with the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated during our careers. By hiring us you will have access to knowledge in the Engineering world, General Contracting, Construction Industry, and home inspection industry. knowledge and experience that no other company can provide.

We will work our hardest to provide you with all the information that you need. So you can make the best decision possible.

Meet the Team

Our team is composed of highly trained professionals, with 30 years of combined experience in Structural/Mechanical Engineering, Property Inspections, the Construction Industry, Project Management,  and Property Management.

Hjalmar A. Pachas

Owner & Inspector

I was born in Venezuela and received Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Carabobo Venezuela in 2003. I move to the USA in 2004 and became a United States Citizen in 2014. I have extensive experience in Engineering, Construction Industry, as well as project and property management. I am licensed in Home and Commercial inspections. I have inspected properties since 2011. This gives me a wide range of knowledge in the constructions field and makes me a great asset in your new adventure. Allow me to be part of your adventure.

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Andres F. Pachas

Vice President

I was born in Venezuela,  I am a Mechanical engineer who graduated in 1976 from the University of  Carabobo in Venezuela, I have worked in the industry for several companies. Which are Firestone Venezuela, General Electric Venezuela, Pequiven Venezuela.  I have extensive experience in engineering projects and Industrial Processes design. I owned a small factory in Venezuela that manufactured uniforms for schools and factories, as well as linens for homes and hospitals.  I live in the United States since April of 2010 and at present, I am the adviser and administrator of Gulf Side and Concierge, LLC.

Cyndi D. Pachas

President Concierge Department

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